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La vitesse : un danger à prendre en compte

Behind this title – a little touted I agree – hides what for some will appear as obvious, for others maybe a discovery. Anyway, at a time when the methods « miracles » have a revival of visibility on a web increasingly diffuse and ephemeral (in all areas by the way, not only in writing), I I found it useful to recall who defines, in my opinion, the approach that any contemporary writer should follow to flourish in the writing of his future literary masterpiece. Does the miracle method of writing exist?
Ah! This sweet dream of the good old writing method that works in 100% of cases! Let’s talk about it! You know, this Grail of creative exercise that would irremediably lead one (or the one) who would drink it to be carried by an incessant whirlwind of inspirations. Tourbillon spreading at will on your notebooks, covering your white sheets of thousands of transcribed emotions with almost perfect accuracy, bringing you for sure to the future that sing … Well, you will probably be delighted (e) learn that this method exists! The best method is in you! As disappointing at first as this answer may seem (I can already leave this page with a sigh … it’s not over come back!) It remains the only one that, once implemented, is implacably effective. Because I tell you from my humble feedback, look at this website
: apply a method that works in an author who does not have the same experience, the same sensitivity, the same personality that you will not work. Maybe for a while, I concede it to you, but never in a sustainable way. Remember that a method that works in the long term is a method that allows you to advance your writing work by being regularly productive and most importantly, the most important to me, finding pleasure. To apply a ready-made method that would not give you any joy on a daily basis, can not hold over time. On the contrary, you have to find the recipe that works for you, and you alone. The one that suits you, because it takes into account who you are, your pace/intensity of life and personal perspectives that you bring to life by writing.

La vitesse est une inconnue à prendre en compte lorsqu’on est au volant : Trop vite, on ne peut pas s’arrêter à temps pour parer le comportement des autres usagers de la route ; trop lent, les autres automobilistes s’impatientent est peuvent provoquer des accidents involontairement.

En 2016, près de 31 % des accidents ont été provoqués par une vitesse excessive ou inadaptée

En 2015, près de 19 % des morts sur la route sont des conducteurs novices âgés entre 18 et 24 ans

Rappels sur les limitations de vitesse

Crédits : Sécurité Routière

Dès le 1 juillet 2018,  les vitesses maximales autorisées sur les routes à double-sens, sans séparateur central, en dehors des routes à deux fois deux voies, seront réduites (90 km/h à 80 km/h).

Bon à savoir !

On parle de distance d’arrêt pour déterminer la distance parcourue par un véhicule entre le moment où l’on perçoit un problème et l’arrêt complet.

Le temps de réaction est la distance parcourue entre la perception d’un problème et le moment où l’on presse la pédale de frein.

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